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Main Features added in PHP Links Directory v2.0
dmoz-like edition extended edition business edition DMOZ-Like, Extended and Business Directory Editions

Available now in 3 different editions - DMOZ-Like edition, Extended edition and Business Directory edition, PHP Links Directory helps you launch quickly the website you need - a website directory like DMOZ or Yahoo Directory or online directory with separate pages for the listings or a business directory website.
It can be also customized to meet other type of website requirements and projects and any of the other extra features and modules available in the PHP Classified Ads software can be easily integrated.

php script responsive website layout Responsive website layout - optimized for mobile devices like tablets and phones

Today the percentage of website traffic coming from mobile devices is increasing constantly, so it's important to have the websites optimized for mobile devices and devices with lower screen resolution. We designed the layout of the new version of our directory software to be responsive - optimized for all kind of devices and screen resolutions.

php script windows 8 tiles Fast and easy to work with administration panel

The new administration panel allows quick navigation and easy website management - it uses AJAX to not reload the entire page when navigating through the different pages.
It has also a special mobile version, especially designed for mobile devices.
Like Windows 8, we also used tiles to link to the different pages - such larger tile links can make again the navigation easier on touchscreens, mobile devices as well as on regular monitors and computers.

php script SEO and valid HTML 5 SEO and valid HTML 5

We made the front site layout to be simple and search engines optimized. It's using search friendly urls, also the page titles, meta keywords and descriptions are set accordingly to the pages to give best SEO results.
The front site is also using simple structure and valid HTML 5 code.

php script unlimited lelves of listing categories Unlimited lelves of listing categories

There are no limitations for number of levels for the front site categories, so the administrator can define the categories he prefers with the structure he wishes.

php script configuration options Multiple configuration options

PHP Links Directory makes the configuration of the website easier by providing different configuration options to the website administrator. For example the administrator can easily configure the number of results per page, number of category columns, if to show the number of websites in a category, the different payment options and many others.

php script different listing packages Different listing packages

The administrator is free to create the packages for the customers he prefers. The packages can differ on price, if they offer nofollow or dofollow links, featured links (they show up with different background and always on top of the search results), time of approval etc. Having different packages can increase the profits of the website owner by offering the services to the customers they need.

php script payment systems Many different payment systems

The software comes with different payment systems already integrated like PayPal, 2checkout,, Google Checkout, PagSeguro, PayFast, InterKassa and others. To enable a new payment option, the administrator just needs to fill his payment ID (for example the registered email address for PayPal) on the Settings page in the administration panel. We can also offer integration of additional payment systems on request, please contact us for details.

php script links management Easier links management

The administrator can easily see the new links and manage them from the administration panel. He can also manage the new links per packages, by giving priority of the paid or more expensive packages.

php script website structure and content Website structure and content management

The administration panel provides different features to manage the website structure and content - add new pages, remove or rename the existing ones, change their hierarchy, modify their content with WYSIWYG editor and others.

php script custom extension and tags Custom extension and tags

PHP Links Directory is compatible with all the WebSiteAdmin extensions and modules. There is also functionality allowing the website owner to create his own extensions (php files with his own code that he can set to be executed for selected pages, which can be done from the Website->Management page in the admin panel).

php script statistics and reports Statistics and reports

The are several special pages in the admin panel providing different reports and statistics information for the website visits, website referrals and Google search queries, users log in and log out reports and others. HTML 5 graphics are also included to show the information for the website visits.

php script loading speed and security Loading speed and security

The script is optimized (sql queries and website optimization) to offer the best possible loading speed of the pages and also offer maximum security. Different techniques are used to increase the website security like filtering all the incoming data, user authorization and others.

php script administrators and user groups Different administrators and user groups

The administrator has now possibility to create different user groups for the administration panel, add new users (administrators) and assign their permission. In this way it's possible to have for example an administrator user responible for the website content (modify the pages content, post news etc.), while have another one responsible for the links approval.

php script language versions Language versions

New language versions can be added from the admin pane and also translating the language file. We also have different ready translations, please contact us and we'll provide you more information for the language you may be interested in.

php script template based layout Template based layout

The software is using templates with simple structure (like one static html page mixed with some special tags), which can be customized or new templates can be added. We also offer the service to integrate a custom template provided by a customer, please contact us for details.

php script custom server side forms Custom server side forms

The administrator can create different server side forms (like Contact or Feedback forms) directly from the admin panel and without any programming and set them to show up on selected pages of the front site.